Preparing for a Cycling Tour

 The key to preparing for a long distance cycling tour is being consistent. There is no need to ride 60 km every day. Even 20 minutes on the saddle is helpful. If you train for about 3-4 months you will be in great shape.

Try to train by time rather than mileage. Start with a target of 5-6 hours a week and build from there. Ride a good number of hours every week up until the event. As you build on the weekly hours put in a few long rides every alternate week. This way you will be well prepared for your tour.

Pace yourself! Remember a tour is not a race. If you are not enjoying yourself you are pushing too hard. Give yourself time to recover from the longer rides. Training will ensure that you enjoy the ride. Keeping heart rates low on climbs is tricky especially for not so regular cyclists. So seek out and conquer those daunting inclines until they are more pleasure than pain.

Remember also to drink lots of water on your ride, the average recommended is about half a liter an hour. But drink as much as you need.

Besides riding it is important to eat well. Talk to a sports dietitian if you need help figuring out your calorie needs.

“Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.” ~ Eddy Merckx

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